Sea Life London Aquarium Day Tip

Hi Guys! Yesterday me and my family went to London to the Sea Life Aquarium! It was really good there so I thought I would show you what we got up to in today’s blog post. 

Living outside of London means an almost 2 hour journey down there first. Including the main train and tubes as well. The first thing we did in London was walk through Kensington Gardens and because it wasn’t bad weather it was lovely to stop and have lunch and enjoy the scenery. 

We walked up by Princess Diana’s Memorial Fountain. I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t exactly a fountain but it still looked good. We said it was nice going for a walk somewhere different because there’s some many different things you can look at.

Next we took the tube to the London Eye which is also where The Sea Life London Aquarium is.

It wasn’t really a hot day but it was cloudy and dry, which was perfect because it meant we weren’t too hot walking around everywhere. 

The London Eye is amazing. I went on it on my 18th birthday a few years ago. You can see for miles especially on a bright sunny day! If you’ve never done it you should it’s great fun!

We made our way to the Sea Life Centre which is just under The London Eye. I was quite nervous I have a fear of sharks so I don’t really know why I suggested we go to Sea Life but we did and it was great. There is obviously so many different types of fish, my favourite being the Clown fish because I love Finding Nemo (Disney Fan).

Sharks, Sting Rays, Turtles, Tortuous, Jelly Fish and Star Fish as well. My favourites where the Sting Rays and Jelly Fish because I’ve never seen them before. The Sharks where good to. They started small in a tank with the sting rays and then round the corner was a tank with some pretty big sharks in. 

It was a great day out. It didn’t take too long to go around the Aquarium but it could definitely take longer if you have children. We were all so tired when we came out we stopped for a drink and then made our way home. We booked into the Sea Life Aquarium for 3pm, it was a great time, we finished there around 5 and then headed home, so it worked out nicely. 

Have any of you been to the Sea Life London Aquarium before?  If you haven’t I definitely recommend it it’s a great place to take kids as well! 

We had a lovely day; if you want to see more of my blog posts don’t forget to follow.

Thanks for Reading!



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