The Perfect Ingredients For A Bath

Hi Guys! As you know if you read my last blog post (MAC Lipstick Collection) I will now be posting 2-3 blog posts a week. It feels so strange not to be writing one everyday. Today I wanted to show you in my opinion what makes a perfect bath! 

I love taking baths, especially in autumn/winter time. On a cold night or after a horrible day a work, it’s perfect to come home, eat dinner and then have a nice relaxing bath!

The first ingredient for me is candles. I love candles. On the side in my bathroom I have a set of candles which I light only in the wintry months when I’m having a bath. I love the scent ‘Lovely kiku’ from Yankee Candle. Not only is it purple which is my favourite colour, but I just love the smell. I have the three tealight candles on a slate heart. I really think candles help you relax, especially when your having a bath


The next great ingredient is your laptop. I always pop my laptop on a chair in the bathroom and watch a film. Usually a netflix film and sit back and relax while watching a film. That way I can sit in the bath for ages! I had a bath last week that lasted the whole length of the film!

My last but the most important ingredient to a perfect bath is a Lush product! I love the Lush products. I have been and brought my absolute favourite products from Lush to share with you. ‘The Comforter’ to start is a ‘Bubble Bar Slice’ and you just break some of the bar off and crumble it under the running water. It smells amazing. It makes me feel so relaxed and it turns your bath Pink!

‘Frozen’ is another favourite of mine. One reason being that I love the film Frozen which is actually the reason why I picked it up the first time I used it 🙂 This one is actually a bath bomb so all you need to do is throw it in the bath and it will do its thing to create a bath full of blue water, a great smell and glitter. What more could you ask for!

I also picked up another bath bomb that I haven’t tried before because I thought it smelt really good in the shop. ‘Intergalactic’. It’s got lots of great colours that are supposed to come out into your bath. It’s a mix of peppermint and popping candy. It’s got candy in it! To me it smelt great and looks really good to so I thought I would try this one out. 

Now onto my all time favourite Lush product, every time I go into store I will buy this item. ‘Rose Jam’ is my favourite product from Lush and it has been from the very first time I used it! I think you can use just half at a time, but sometimes if I want extra bubbles I just use the whole thing, why not!  All you need to do is break it up under running water and it creates a lovely scent and pink, bubbly, glittery water; I love it. Also it looks like a macaroon. What’s not to love.

There you go, the things to make bath time perfect! Candles, a film and a bath bomb! Sometimes to make it even better you could add chocolate or cake (which I have done before 🙂 )

Let me know what makes your perfect bath and what are your favourite Lush bath products, there are so many great ones. 

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