MAC Lipstick Collection

Hi Guys! In my post today I wanted to share my favourite lipsticks with you. I love the MAC Lipsticks and have a range of different colours. 

First up is my first lipstick I brought. ‘Kinda Sexy’. It’s a thumbnail_img_4230nude colour but it’s definitely great for a day time look. Keep it simple with this lipstick, but still a great shade. Long lasting and even though it’s nude it’s still noticeable because I’ve had complements about it before.

The nexthumbnail_img_4231t Lipstick I’ve got from MAC is ‘Please Me’ which was my sisters but she never used it so it’s now officially mine. This colour is a light pink shade. Again great for a daytime look. I found that this lipstick doesn’t stay on as well as some of the other lipsticks I have but as long as you’ve got it in your bag to top it up then there’s no problems!


The next lipstick I think I just brought because I liked the colour and then have only worn it once. It’s a much darker pink/red shade called ‘Damn Glamorous’. Great shade but I don’t think I can really pull it off. Still a great lipstick though and does stay on for a while to.

Next up a lthumbnail_img_4229ovely red! ‘Ruby Woo’. I brought this colour for my work Christmas party last year. I wore a black dress and had this matte red lipstick on my lips. I loved it. It stayed on all night, through food and dancing. It’s a great bright red lipstick and I’ve also tried it with a clear gloss over the top and it looks fab. I would definitely recommend this lipstick if you were looking for a really good long lasting red.


Now onto my favourite out of all of my MAC lipsticks ‘Captive’. This lipstick I brought last winter. I wore this lipstick every time I would go out during the day or night! The colours so long lasting the only time I would top it up was if I’d eaten but still then you don’t really have to.It’s the perfect shade for autumn/winter!

I love my MAC lipsticks, let me know if you’ve got any of the same colours or any colours you would recommend.


I have loved starting up my blog this week! I have posted a blog post everyday for 7 days to really get it started. From now on I will be uploading a blog post 2/3 days a week. If you’d like to see more of my posts please follow my blog. 

Thanks for reading!



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