My Makeup Must Haves

Hi Guys! In this blog post I wanted to show you what my favourite makeup products are. The products I use everyday. It’s hard to find the right products for you, most of these products I have used for a very long time so they are definitely my must haves.

Fimg_4204irstly my L’Oreal primer. I haven’t been using this product for too long but I am really liking it. Once I’ve applied it my skin feels so soft and light. I think it’s definitely helping my makeup stay on a lot longer.





Next up my L’Oreal Colour Match Foundation.This is something I’ve only just started using as img_4207well. I think it gives me great coverage and it feels very light on my face. I like that because I don’t want it to feel thick once I’ve applied it. With my foundation I use my Zoeva buffing brush which I love! I find it’s great at really buffing/blending in my foundation .





Now my concealer. That is also another L’Oreal product. I have been using this product for years. It reallyimg_4206 works. It covers up any spots or blemishes and during the time that I had very bad acne, this product was a life saver. It really helped cover up some of the acne. Only problem I find is it doesn’t stay on all day without topping it up. But now my acne has gone it’s not too much of a problem for me. (See my acne story here.) I used to just use my finger to blend my concealer but I’ve started using my setting brush from Real Techniques. This really helps blend the concealer out into the foundation.

Another product I use everyday without fail is my Benefit Hello Flawlessimg_4209 Powder. I use this to sometimes just even out my skin tone if I’m having a day without foundation. Or I use it to set the rest of my make up. Either way it’s a great product and quite light weight on my face. Again the only issue I find is because I have such oily skin I need to re-apply it throughout the day.





My next product I’ve been using for a few months now and I think it’s great for my day to day makeup look. My Sleek Contour Pallet I use everyday. The shades I have are great on my skin colour, not to dark, which can sometimes be a problem with such a light skin tone. The blush colour is lovely and you don’t have to apply too much for it to show on your cheeks. Then the highlight shade is great to and again you don’t have to apply a lot for it to show up. Also as you can see I’ve been using this most day since I brought it in May time and it looks hardly used, this product will last a long time.


My next product I have been using for years. Benefit Brow Zings. I have recently been getting my eyebrows tinted meaning getting the dark shade. This product last for months and months! It may be a little more money than other eyebrow filling products but this one does last a very long time. I use this product every day. With the powder applied the wax just helps it stay on. I find it really helps finish a make up look when you’ve got your eyebrows filled in and I definitely recommend this product to do so.

I’ve had this product since about February/March time and as you can see it looks like I’ve hardly used any of it. This will also last me a very long time.

The last product I wanted to share with you is a new one for me. img_4216My eyeliner pen from Maybelline. Just like a pen to apply an easy line on your top eye lid. Obviously sometimes your still half asleep and the line isn’t that great but that happens to everyone. I used to use the eyeliner pen from Urban Decay but it just got too expensive as this ran out too quickly for me. I had a little look around and found this product and so far so good. It’s easy to apply and stays on all day; so that’s good enough for me.

These are my Makeup Must Haves. The products I wear everyday without fail.


Thanks for reading


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