My Trip to Disney World Florida!

Hi Guys! On my blog post today I wanted to share another one of the things that I love! Disney; Disney Princesses, Disney Films, just Disney Disney Disney! There might be a few Disney posts in the future because I’m a big Disney fan.

Last year my family and I visited my favourite place ever! It was our first visit but it’s officially my favourite place on earth! DISNEY WORLD! If you’ve ever been you will understand, if you’ve never been you need to go!


Lets start with the amount of parks, there’s so many! We really filled our days with Disney. My favourites were definitely Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. In their own way all the parks were good though.


Magic Kingdom firstly was magical. The parades, the rides, the fireworks and the characters were amazing. We spent a couple of days there. We had booked somethings to do, we did the breakfast with Pooh bear and friends and then the lunch with the princesses in the castle. As I’m a big fan of the Disney princesses this was for me and it was amazing!! We checked in and then waited in line to meet Cinderella (who is my favourite princess). Once we meet her we went up into the castle and sat down to eat lunch, we had a three course meal. While your eating different princess come around to chat with you and take photos. The food was pretty good and the princesses were lovely. We didn’t sit by the windows unfortunately but you can look out over the park if you do.

This was so much fun and such an exciting experience. (I’m such a kid)

The rides are great, I’m not the biggest fan of big roller coasters but my dad and sister went on the really big ones and loved them. I love the atmosphere at the parks, everyone’s so happy and the characters are great fun. The fireworks at night are incredible.if you stand in front of the castle you can watch the great show they project onto the castle and the fireworks.

Only down side it the waiting times but it’s all expected so it wasn’t a big issue for us. The fast passes for all the parks are great though. You get three per day and it means you can go in the line that goes first onto the ride/show. If you are going to Disney or thinking about it, definitely use your fast passes it’s such a bonus.

A few pictures from Magic Kingdom…..


Animal Kingdom was also great fun! They have the best Lion King Show ever. It’s a must see if you do go there. There’s dancing and singing to the Lion King classics and everyone is dressed up in their own animal outfit. It was a highlight of the whole holiday for us. The other thing at Animal Kingdom that really stood out for us was the Safari. You went in a big jeep around a safari. There where elephants, lions, zebras, buffalo etc etc. It was fab. There was also a Birds of Prey show and they had the biggest birds I’d ever seen.

A few pictures from Animal Kingdom….


While we were out in Florida we also visited some other places; Tampa Beach, NASA Space Center and Florida Mall. 

Tampa Beach was great, it was obviously so hot and the sand was beautiful and white. It was so hot we only stayed for a few hours. But is was stunning. 


NASA was also excellent! The best way to explain this is by showing the pictures, there is so much to see there is was amazing. 


Here’s a few more pictures from my trip to Disney…..


As you can probably tell, I loved my trip to Florida/Disney and I would defiantly recommend it!

If you’ve been to Disney before let me know what your favourite part was, or if you are considering going to Disney and have any questions ask away. 

Thanks for reading!



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