“Rose Brocade” Shellac Nails

Hi Guys. I would like to share one of my hobbies with you. Nail Art. I have a gel/shellac nail kit and I do my nails at least every two weeks, so I may share some different designs on this blog. 

This week I have chosen a bit of a simple design with one of my favourite colours I have called “Rose Brocade.” I find painting my nails so relaxing and I love to experiment a try new things. 

These pictures are of designs I did years ago now, using normal nail varnishes and nail art pens…. 



Now using my gel lamp and varnish I try lots of glitters and colours. My favourite colours are the red and purples. Flower daisies, glitters, spots and foils are my favourite nail art designs on my gels as well. 


I use foil and gel varnish remover to remove the polish; which must contain acetone. All you need to do is put some of the remover onto a cotton pad, place it onto your finger and wrap in a little bit of foil. Then leave for around 10-15 mins. Like so…..


Then you just scrap off the remaining gel left on your nail and start again. Preparing the nail with nail files, making the nail smooth again. 

Always start with a base coat and finish with a top coat. Once you have put a layer on your nail you ‘cook’ it under the lamp for the 2 mins the timer is on for. Then to finish you need to make sure you use a ‘Gel Wipe Off’ to get the sticky off the nail.

“Rose Brocade” the colour I used this week is lovely. It’s a beautiful red!


CND colours are fabulous and you can get so many different shades. I also love that with gel nails they can stay looking lovely for longer than a day. I never have to re-paint my nails more than once every 2 weeks. My nail beds are also very long so even with short nails my nails look nice and long. 

Even though this time around I have kept it simple to show what I do with my nails, I’m thinking I will experiment more and more and show them off on my blog, definitely showing my favourite designs and colours. 

Thanks for reading!




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