Are my friends really my friends?

Hi Guys! This is officially my second blog post. It’s exciting being able to write down my thoughts for people to see. I have a lot on my mind and don’t feel I can talk to people about things. I want to be able to do that here.

Since I was young I’ve been a very self-conscious person. Recently more than ever. Does anyone ever get that feeling that someone’s talking about them, what are they saying?

Probably one of my most thought about questions is ‘Do my friends actually like me?’ or ‘Are my friends really my friends?’ It’s something I think about a lot. Is this a normal thing? I’d like to think my friends are truthful but in the back of my mind I’m always thinking about whether or not they really like me.Are they just putting on an act?

I love spending time with friends- going shopping, to the cinema, day trips, holidays. I think it’s really those friends you’ve known for years that will stick by you through anything, that are the real friends. There’s always the friends that you don’t see very often but when you do see each other it feels like you’ve never been apart. That’s the best feeling, seeing the people you haven’t in a long time and catching up like you’ve never been apart.

But… is this true. Do the other people feel the same or do they really just not want to see you. That’s the problem they will never tell you face to face. Do they really want to see you and catch up. Maybe not. Not knowing can be the hardest thing. Being in a conversation with people and actually thinking about what they think of me. Everyone always says don’t think about or care about what other people think but I do. I think a lot of people do. It’s something you can’t help.

Then on the other side do people think about what i’m thinking of them? (It’s getting complicated now.) When I look at someone and think ‘they look really nice in that outfit’ or ‘their hair looks great’ do people wonder what I’m thinking when I look or talk to them.

What do you think?

I think i might be looking to far into this but it’s always something I think about. I’d like to know what you guys think. Or whether anyone else feels this way.

Thanks for reading!





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